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  • Local Government in Action

    Tracking the performance and effectiveness of local councils across:

    Issues & Expectations

    Our Citizens perceptions and expectations (CPE) survey (2019), showed that citizens have nine major expections of their local authorities. These range from functional and well equipped clinics to reliable water supplies and efficient waste disposal.

    Incidentally, residents expectations align with what the MDC-A promised in its 2018 election Manifesto, on delivering Smart Cities. Our tracker assesses the performance of four cities (Bulawayo, Gweru, Harare and Mutare) in the following areas: water provision, refuse collection, access to primary health services and optimal usage of financial resources at their disposal.

    Sampling & Methodology

    Local service delivery data is collected online from households within medium and high density suburbs in Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru and Mutare. Our hypothesis is that these two densities rely on the provision of local service delivery more than the low density. We concentrate on tracking the service delivery status across three themes: Water delivery, Refuse Collection and Primary healthcare. We also avail data on the Local Authorities’ annual budget, drawing specific attention to the three themes.

    Citizens' service delivery expectations


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